1 channel WiFi MQTT Smart Switch with DIN rial mounting and power source – Power Stooge PSWS1DIN

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Power Stooge PSWS1 is a Wifi smart switch applicable for lights, engines, heaters, and most of the household or office appliances.

Includes all the Coiaca firmware features. And since works with MQTT protocol, can be easily integrated to automation systems like Home Assistant.

Make it smart!

  • Supports status tracking and remotely switching for connected appliance/light.
  • Pushbutton (with timer feature)
  • Support for external pushbutton
  • DIN rial mounting case with AC110/240v power source
  • Channel status indicator led
  • Connection status indicator led
  • Local Switch feature for configuring pushbutton behavior
  • WiFi AP configuration button
  • Supports Remote Management
  • Telemetry feature
  • MQTT debug
  • Supports up to 14 timers for scheduling device operation
  • NTP server synchronizationCommunication protocol: MQTT (with Birth message and LTW support for availability status)
  • TLS version 1.2 for secure communication
  • Max current: 10A (2200W)

Remote management feature allows to send commands and receive responses from the unit. So configuration can be updtated and/or operations can be performed without interfeer on the main functionality.

Remote Management is perfect for service providers that needs to control devices installed in places where phisical access is difficult, restricted or sometimes unreachable. Remote Management commands also allows Services Providers to monitor devices and to integrate them to any backend, to debug remotely or even to develop its own online configuration tools.

English – PSWS1 Technical Specification (PDF)
English – PSWS1 User Manual (PDF)
English – cDash User Manual
Spanish – PSWS1 Especificación técnica (PDF)
Spanish – PSWS1 Manual del Usuario (PDF)
Spanish – cDash Manual del Usuario


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