Coiaca Smart App

Coiaca Smart is a MQTT client to control IoT devices, not only Coiaca’s but also most MQTT compliant devices.
Coiaca’s and other widely known firmwares, like Tasmota, are already supported, but also proprietary implementations can be included.
It’a available for Androis and iOS for free. Download and install Coiaca Smart on your device and get control!

Information for device makers

If you are a Device Maker and need an app to control them, we are sure Coiaca Smart could be the solution of your choice.

We can inlcude your devices on Coiaca Smart and support them. Then, your users will be able to add the devices to their Coiaca Smart dashboard and control them.
We have plans that start from free, that can suit your needs. And even we can release a branded exclusive version for you. Coiaca Smart also includes push notifications.
Contact us and let’s find together the best option for you.