Device information page and API

Coiaca provides an information page for every device. Also, an API is avilable for quering device information programatically, usefull for configuring applications.

For accessing a device information page visit[deviceID] where the [deviceID] is the ID of the device you want to query. Fon example:

For ease the access, some devices are shipped from factory with a QR code printed on the product label that can be scanned to reach the device information page.

QR Code example

The results page will retreive a page with usefull information related to the device: device type, description, form factor, product URL, hardware and original firmware versions, default access point SSID and default access point password. Also, the parameters default values from the original firmware version will be informed.

Product types

  • PSWS1 = Power Stooge 1 channel
  • PSWS2 = Power Stooge 2 channels
  • PSS13 = Reflashed Sonoff Basic
  • AWWTHUSB = Awarer Temperature and Humidity sensor
  • ACWBZZ = Actor Buzzer
  • CL2P = Pushbutton controller
  • BRIR = Bridge Infra Red
  • BRDSC01 = Bridge for DCS alarm systems
  • DEVPR = Development prototype


The same infromation can be retrieved programatically in JSON format at[deviceID] where the [deviceID] is the ID of the device you want to query. Fon instance:

The results will be like the following:

"deviceID": "DSC010000000002",
"deviceType": "BRDSC01",
"typeDescription": "Bridge - DSC alarm systems interface",
"prefix": "DSC01",
"HWVersion": "BRDSC01-LLE-V2.1",
"FWVersion": "DSC_v0.6.0",
"formFactor": "1",
"FFDescription": "Board",
"FFLongDescription": null,
"productURL": "",
"branded": null,
"APTime": "30",
"mqttServer": "",
"mqttPort": "1883",
"mqttUserName": "",
"mqttUserPassword": "",
"mqttClientID": "CoiacaDSC010000000002",
"accessCode": "",
"mqttStatusTopic": "DSC010000000002/Status",
"mqttBirthMessage": "online",
"mqttLwtMessage": "offline",
"mqttNoDSC": "Alarm Disconnected",
"mqttPartitionTopic": "DSC010000000002/Partition",
"mqttActivePartitionTopic": "DSC010000000002/activePartition",
"mqttZoneTopic": "DSC010000000002/Zone",
"mqttFireTopic": "DSC010000000002/Fire",
"mqttTroubleTopic": "DSC010000000002/Trouble",
"mqttCommandTopic": "DSC010000000002/cmd",
"mqttKeepAliveTopic": "DSC010000000002/keepAlive",
"updateInterval": "30",
"tiMerStatus": "0",
"tiMerString": "",
"publishTimerString": "0",
"ntpServer": "",
"timeZone": "-3",
"ntpUpdateInterval": "300",
"timeDST": "0",
"mqttRetain": "0",
"mqttQoS": "0",
"enableRConfig": "1",
"remoteConfigMqttServer": "",
"remoteConfigMqttPort": "8883",
"remoteConfigMqttClientID": "CoiacaDSC010000000002RMClient",
"forceSecureAllTraffic": "1",
"remoteConfigTopic": "RMgmt/DSC010000000002",
"remoteConfigResultTopic": "RMgmt/DSC010000000002/results",
"enableMonitoring": "0",
"monitoringTopic": "MNTR/DSC010000000002",
"remoteConfigRetain": "0",
"remoteConfigQoS": "0",
"enableMqttDebug": "0",
"MqttDebugTopic": "RMgmt/DSC010000000002/debug"