• Home Assistant vs OpenHAB – Which one is better?

    Choosing a Home Automation platform can be tough with the amount of choices. The 2 biggest platforms out there are Home Assistant and OpenHAB. This video, from Everything Smart Home, will help you to find out which one suits better for you.

  • Refreshing your bridge with a new firmware

    If you own a DSC bridge (BRDSCxx) you may want to be up to date with the most recent firmware version. This will allow you to have new features that are usually added to new releases and get rid of some bugs could be reported and fixed.

  • Smart Home with Home Assistant

    Arnaud Loos presents on home automation with Home Assistant, Raspberry Pi and Python.

  • Getting Started with Home Automation

    Nowdays home automation is easier than ever. In this video from BRUH Automation, He is installing Home Assistant

  • Intro to Smart Home hub choices

    Alexa & Google Home vs. Home Assistant: A very clarifying video about home automation options.