Announcing the Release of BRDSC01 Firmware v1.3.1

A new firmware version for BRDSC01 has been released including some improvements and a new Home Assistant sensor.

We’re thrilled to announce the release of BRDSC01 Firmware v1.3.1. Here’s a rundown of what’s included in this latest update:

  1. JSON Format Bug Fix in Keep Alive MQTT Message:
    • We’ve resolved a bug related to JSON formatting in the Keep Alive MQTT message. Now it can be used to get the Wifi signal strength.
  2. Firmware Version Added in Keep Alive MQTT Message (FwV):
    • Now, the firmware version is conveniently included in the Keep Alive MQTT message, providing easier tracking and management of firmware versions.
      The new Keep Alive message payload looks like the example below:


  3. Firmware Version Sensor Added to Home Assistant MQTT Discovery Configuration Message (BRDSC01 FW Version):
    • With this update, a new sensor for firmware version (mentioned on previous point) has been included in the Home Assistant MQTT Discovery configuration message, simplifying integration with your Home Assistant setup.
  4. WiFi Signal Strength Sensor Renamed in Home Assistant MQTT Discovery Configuration Message:
    • We’ve renamed the WiFi signal strength sensor from “Wifi Alarm” to “BRDSC01 WiFi Signal Strength” in the Home Assistant MQTT Discovery configuration message, offering clearer identification.
  5. Visual Improvements on GUI:
    • As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance user experience, you’ll notice some visual improvements on the graphical user interface (GUI), providing a more polished interface.

This version is now available for OTA update or manual download from the Firmware Download page.

Prior to installation, we strongly recommend consulting the ‘Updating the Firmware of your BRDSC01‘ document for guidance.