WiFi Bridge for Safewatch/Honeywell/Ademco Vista alarm systems HAB v1



Upgrade your Safewatch/Honeywell/Ademco Vista alarm panels to the next level with HAB v1, an innovative interface that connects your alarm system to WiFi, enabling convenient monitoring and control from popular home automation platforms like Home Assistant. This solution is also compatible with any system supporting the MQTT protocol.

Even though it can be programed with any DIY firmware, HAB v1 was designed to be used with the ESPHOME custom component esphome-vistaECP, crafted and maintained by Alain Turbide. Unlock the full potential of your alarm system with this board, offering a simple yet effective way to integrate your security into your smart home ecosystem.

Check here the curren supported alarm models.

Monitor and control your alarm panel remotely from your smartphone or integrate it with automation systems such as Home Assistant, OpenHAB, Node-RED, and more.

Leverage your alarm panel’s information to enhance your home automation system. From turning off forgotten lights to creating presence simulation scenes, the possibilities are endless.

Advanced Firmware Features (programed with esphome-vistaECP firmware):

  • Full zone expander emulation (4219/4229) which will give you an additional 8 zones to the system per emulated expander plus associated relay outputs. Currently the library will provide emulation for 2 boards for a total of 16 additionals zones.
  • Independent partition support for enhanced control. The firmware allows control and view status of all 3 partitions.
  • Relay module emulation. (4204). The system can support 4 module addresses for a total of 16 relay channels.
  • Long Range Radio (LRR) emulation (or monitoring) statuses for more detailed status messages
  • Zone status – Open, Alarmed, Closed and Bypass with named zones
    Arm, disarm or send any sequence of commands to the panel for any partition
  • -Status indicators – fire, alarm, trouble, armed stay, armed away, instant armed, armed night, ready, AC status, bypass status, chime status,battery status, check status, zone and relay channel status field of individual partitions.
  • Optional ability to monitor other devices on the bus such as keypads, other expanders, relay boards, RF devices, etc.

Hardware Specifications:

  • Circuit based on ESP8266.
  • Super easy wiring
  • in-circuit programming headers.
  • Power Supply: DC12V from the alarm system.
  • Compact Dimensions: 60mm x 35mm x 13mm.
    Wireless Standard: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n for seamless connectivity.
  • Built-in LED, multi-purpose pushbutton, and reset button for added convenience.
  • 3D printed PLA case.

Please note that some hardware features may require adaptations to the esphome-vistaECP firmware.

Upgrade your security to the next level with HAB v1 – Connecting Safety to Smart Living. Explore more features and specifications here.

HAB v1 is shipped without pre-loaded firmware, and as it requires customer-side manipulation and programming, it is provided without warranty.
For detailed instructions on loading the esphome-vistaECP firmware, refer to the guide here. The option on the guide for this board is the “Pre-soldered Programming Header” (The device should be powered with JP1 shorted with the provided jumper for programming).
An USB to Serial UART TTL adapter (like this one) it’s needed to flash the firmware to the unit.

Additional information

Weight 0,1 g
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 2 cm

No Case, 3D Printed Case


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