WiFi Bridge for alarm systems – BRDSC01 v4


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BRDSC01 v4  is an interface that allows already installed alarm panels to be connected over Wifi and be controlled from many systems or applications. Therefore you can integrate your alarm to a wide range of automation systems like Home Assistant, OpenHAB, Node-RED, etc. or to any mobile or web application, like MQTT Dash, compliant with MQTT protocol, one of the most used in IoT world. Wiring and configuration are really straightforward.

Your alarm panel can provide a lot of information to your home automation system.

Connecting your alarm pannel to your home automation system has a lot of benefits, because you don’t only control it, you also are providing to the system a lot of information that allows to improve automations.

  • If the alarm is armed in away mode, means your are not home, so your automation system can turn off the lights you may forgot.
  • If the alarm is armed and your home automation system known you are far from home (50 km or more on holiday a trip) it can play a presence simulation scene after sunset.
  • If the the alarm is disarmed but it’s been a while since all windows and doors ar closed, and there is no movement in any room, maybe you left home and forgot to arm the alarm, so your home automation system can ask you on your mobile phone if you want to arm it.
  • If you arm your alarm in stay mode, your home security system can manage your ligthing accordingly.
  • You can even integrate the alarm installed on your weekend house to your main house automation system and get all together in a single point.

Main features

    • Status tracking of armed/alarm/fire states for partitions 1-8
    • Status tracking of zones 1-64
    • Trouble status indicator
    • Enables writing keys to the panel for partitions 1-8
    • All DSC PowerSeries panels are supported
    • Super easy wiring
    • 2 digital PINs for connecting accesories.
    • In circuit programming connector.
    • Power Supply: DC12V from alarm system.
    • Dimensions: 55mm x 35mm x 13mm
    • Wireless standard: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
    • Security Mechanism: WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
    • Protocols: MQTT (with Birth message and LTW support for availability status)
    • TLS for secure communication channel
    • Connection status indicator led
    • WiFi password recovery button
    • Reset button
    • Remote Management
    • Monitoring feature
    • MQTT remote debug

Improvements on this v4 version from v2.1:

      • Size: 56% less volume than v2.1
      • A reset button has been added on this version.
      • Automatic reset at startup.
      • In ciruit programing connector.
      • The ESP board socket has been removed.
      • SMD components.

Remote management feature allows to send commands and receive responses from the unit. So configuration can be updtated and/or operations can be performed without interfeer on the main functionality.

Remote Management is perfect for service providers that needs to control devices installed in places where phisical access is difficult, restricted or sometimes unreachable. Remote Management commands also allows Services Providers to monitor devices and to integrate them to any backend, to debug remotely or even to develop its own online tools.


Tested on DSC panels: PC585, PC1555MX, PC1565, PC5005, PC5010, PC5015, PC5020, PC1616, PC1808, PC1832, PC1864.
This board (hardware) can also be used to integrate Safewatch/Honeywell/Ademco Vista 15/20 alarm systems but the firmware does not includes this functionality and a reprograming the board with a non provided firmware is needed.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 g
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 2 cm


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