Registering your device and getting started

Devices with firmware v1.0 or later (units sold from December 2021 onwards) need to be registered and configured for the first time. How to know your device firmware version?

To register your new device, once it is energized, use a WiFi device (a smartphone, for instance) and look for available WiFi network connections. You will find a connection with SSID (name) starting with prefix “Coiaca-“. Ex: “Coiaca-DSC01“.

Connect to this network using the default AP Password. The default AP password for the latest firmware version is r5B9F4FT2WQ1

For earlier firmware version you can find the default AP password here, and for custom firmware versions you can contact the support team, if you don’t have the label that was shipped with your custom unit.

When the device starts up, it will initially be in AP mode for 30 seconds, during which time the green LED will blink fast. After this 30-second period, the green LED will begin to blink more slowly, indicating that the device is no longer in AP mode and is attempting to connect to the configured Wi-Fi network. If the device is unable to connect due to incorrect credentials or because it hasn’t been configured yet, it will return to AP mode and the green LED will blink fast again.

It’s important to note that you can only connect to configure the device while the green LED is blinking fast during the initial 30-second AP mode window. If you notice the green LED transitioning from fast blinking to slow blinking while attempting to connect, simply wait until it starts blinking fast again and then retry to connect.

Once connected, you will be automatically redirected to the welcome screen. No device ID will be displayed because registration has not been performed yet.

Tap on Config to enter to the configuration screen and complete the following fields WITHOUT CHANGING ANY OTHER PARAMETER. You will be able to change other parameters and configure the device as you need, after registration is done.

  • Thing name: This is the name of your device and the SSID that it will display when acting as an Access Point to allow connections, to be configured.
  • AP password: This is the password to connect to the device when acting as an Access Point to allow connections, to be configured. It is mandatory to be changed for the settings to be saved. What if I forget it?
  • WiFi SSID: This is the name of the network you want the device to connects to provide its functionality. During the registration process internet access is required. Afterwards, internet access could be required or not, depending on your use case. 
  • Wifi Password: This is the password of the network you want the device to connect to provide its functionality, specified in the previous field.
  • Email Address: A valid email address where you will receive the device ID, MQTT credentials and Home Assistant configuration parameter. 
  • Email Address Confirmation: Re enter the email address for confirmation.
  • User Password: This password is for generating an account for storing and protecting your device data.
  • User Password Confirmation: Re enter the password for confirmation.

Once all fields are completed, leave the other parameters as they are, scroll down to the bottom of the configuration screen and tap on Apply to save data.

The device will reboot and then will connect to the Wi-Fi network you specified to perform the registration.

Once registration is completed your device is ready to be used.

You will receive an email from whit credentials and information that will allow you to use all features and services.

If you don’t receive the registration email, check your spam folder or add to your contacts beforehand, to avoid losing the data. If you are still not receiving the email, please contact support via email at, specifying the email address you used for registering your device.

For configuring other parameters, proceed as follows:

  1. Reset your device (pressing the reset button). The green led will start to blink fast for 30 second
  2. Connect with a smartphone or a laptop to the network with the name you specified as “Thing name” on the configuration and use the password you configured. You will be redirected to the welcome screen where the device ID is displayed.
  3. Tap Config to enter to the configuration screen.
  4. Set parameters according to your needs. Check the documentation section to know which parameters are needed to be configured on your device, according to your implementation, integration and use case. For example, if you are integrating an alarm bridge with Home Assistant, you will need to configure the alarm access code, but if you will use it with a virtual keyboard is optional.
  5. Tap on Apply at the bottom of the configuration screen to save the configuration and reboot the device.

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