Guides and references

WiFi and AP configuration

Channels and Connection status indicator leds

Timer String format

NTP server configuration

Telemetry feature

Monitoring feature

MQTT remote debug feature

What is Remote Management?

Remote Management commands reference

Commands and Firmware versions compatibility list

Device information page and API

Connecting and controlling accessories with BRDSCxx

Updating the firmware of your BRDSCxx

Reflashing Sonoff Basic with Coiaca firmware

Integrating BRDSC01 to Home Assistant

User Manuals


BRDSC01 – Technical Specification (PDF)
BRDSC01 – User Manual (PDF)
WTHUSB – Technical Specification (PDF)
WTHUSB – User Manual (PDF)
cDash – User Manual


BRDSC01 – Especificación Técnica (PDF)
BRDSC01 – Manual de usuario (PDF)
WTHUSB – Especificación Técnica (PDF)
WTHUSB – Manual de usuario (PDF)
cDash – Manual de usuario