Channels and Connection status indicator leds

The following definitions apply only to devices running Coiaca's proprietary firmwares and not to Tasmota-based firmwares.

Most Coiaca devices has two types of status leds: One for channels status and other for connection status.

Interpretation of channels status leds is simple: As you may imagine, when the led is on, the channel is active, otherwise the channel is inactive.

Statuses for Connection Status Leds are as follows:

  • Fast blink: The device is in AP mode with default factory password waiting to be configured.
  • Fast blink, but mostly on: The device is in AP mode, waiting for eventual configuration changes (password configured by user must be used).
  • Normal blinks: Device is attempting connection to the configured WiFi network.
  • Mostly off with rare rapid blinks: The device is connected to WiFi and is performing normal operation.
  • Blinking every one second: One of the channels is running a timer to be turned off automatically.

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