WiFi MQTT Bridge for DCS alarm systems – BRDSC01

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WiFi MQTT Bridge DSC01 is an interface that allows DSC PowerSeries security systems to be controlled from any mobile or web application or to be integrated to any home automation sysmems that supports MQTT protocol. Wiring and configuration are really straightforward.

Since Coiaca devices work with protocols like MQTT, can be easily integrated with smart home automation systems like Home Assistant.

Make it smart!

    • Status tracking of armed/alarm/fire states for partitions 1-8
    • Status tracking of zones 1-64
    • Trouble status indicator
    • Enables writing keys to the panel for partitions 1-8
    • All PowerSeries panels are supported
    • Super easy wiring
    • 2 digital PINs for connecting accesories.
    • Power Supply: DC12V from alarm system.
    • Wireless standard: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
    • Security Mechanism: WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
    • Protocols: MQTT (with Birth message and LTW support for availability status)
    • TLS for secure communication channel
    • Connection status indicator led
    • WiFi AP configuration button
    • Remote Management
    • Monitoring feature
    • MQTT remote debug

Remote management feature allows to send commands and receive responses from the unit. So configuration can be updtated and/or operations can be performed without interfeer on the main functionality.

Remote Management is perfect for service providers that needs to control devices installed in places where phisical access is difficult, restricted or sometimes unreachable. Remote Management commands also allows Services Providers to monitor devices and to integrate them to any backend, to debug remotely or even to develop its own online configuration tools.

English – BRDSC01 Technical Specification (PDF)
English – BRDSC01 User Manual (PDF)
English – Integrating BRDSC01 to Home Assistant
English – cDash User Manual
Spanish – BRDSC01 Especificación técnica (PDF)
Spanish – BRDSC01 Manual del Usuario (PDF)
Spanish – cDash Manual del Usuario

Tested on DSC panels: PC585, PC1555MX, PC1565, PC5005, PC5010, PC5015, PC1616, PC1808, PC1832, PC1864

3 reviews for WiFi MQTT Bridge for DCS alarm systems – BRDSC01

  1. Jeff

    awesome product!
    I connected my old DCS alarm and control it with my phone in minutes.

  2. Beatriz Leow

    Easy wiring and works perfect with Home Assistant!

  3. Pitran Laurentiu Florin

    promising device,

    in fact, as is decided to buy this product by anyone, need to have in mind that can be useful, only according with his experience in programming!
    for me, it was so painful due to the fact that at the beginning i can t set correctly the interface due to the incorrect appearance of graphical interface in my web browser; at that time i was contacting the support ,but nothing change, even in present day!!
    the device is appear running correctly in the cdash platform, but i don t buy this hardware to depend from cdash platform.
    so, need to think before to buy it or the support team need to come close of users.

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